We've got the waves. Just bring your cool.

3 Geographies. Portugal. Poland. Colombia.

problem solvers
make things happen
unconventional thinkers
reimagine daily operations
visionary business builders
engage people

problem solvers make things happen

unconventional thinkers reimagine daily operations

visionary business builders create original opportunities

genuine leaders engage people

food lovers gather others around the table

meaningful work with real projects
an industry you might be inspired to pursue
a relevant professional experience in your resume

What did you do last summer? Did you grab your backpack and travelled around the world?
Did you do something outstanding, unique or remarkable?

Well, maybe we’ve got the right plan for your next summer’s perfect adventure.
How about joining a cutting-edge summer internship programme in the retail universe and start preparing your career?

If you are selected to Jerónimo Martins SIP, we’ll work with you to understand your talents and assign you to a role that aligns with your personal goals and meets the company’s relentless pursuit towards growth.

In Colombia, the applications period and duration of the programme are different from Europe. If you are Colombian and want to gather further information about the Prácticas Académicas Programme, click here.
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The Summer Internship programme

SIP is Jerónimo Martins Summer Internship Programme, fully dedicated to the empowerment of best-in-class students. We believe one of the best ways young graduates have to broaden their professional options after completing university is being aware of the job market and the opportunities different companies provide.

SIP gets you there. It will provide you with a wide range of interactions with different teams, professionals and projects, helping you to gain awareness of what you want to do in the future and the things you’re already good at.

Besides joining a Portuguese multinational Group with more than 225 years of history and a strong international orientation, you’ll have the unmatched chance to work side‑by‑side with our teams, taking on individual commitments that impact business processes and results, and ultimately the daily lives of thousands of our employees, business partners and customers.

SIP is an intensive experience designed to boost learning and personal growth.

You learn with us. We learn with you.
Sounds good? Does it feel like a super plan for your summer?

If so, bring your cool, we’ve got waves.

Our Summer Internship Programme is a two to three-month (6 to 12 months in Colombia), full-time, remunerated opportunity for Bachelor and Master’s students who want to go through an intensive learning and working experience. SIP offers our interns a unique opportunity to make an impact by diving into our business and working in a diverse and collaborative context.
By the end of SIP, you’ll champion:

Awareness of your professional strengths

Awareness of your development needs

Knowledge of different career options

Notions of technical concepts like strategic logistics planning, supply chain and supplier relationships, sales, promotions and brand marketing

Upon conclusion of the programme, interns become part of an elite group that will give them an edge after graduation and enhance their career for years to come. You’ll be aware of what it means to work in a real business environment and take a giant leap towards making informed decisions about your future and the companies you want to pursue your career in.

Meet us at the forefront of retail.

Continuous Development
Besides the opportunity to work with spirited people in massive retail operations, SIP is focused entirely on your path and learning – we have amazing business challenges waiting for you and a development team ready to support you all the way through. Beyond that, there’s a combination of moments designed to facilitate your development..
Do you have what it takes?
Being chosen to enrol SIP is a challenge. Either applying in Portugal, Poland or Colombia, you’ll have to face seriously motivated candidates. Each geography receives thousands of applications from sharp and talented students from all fields of study. Out of this pool and over the course of a 3 stage-selection process, up to 40 students will be chosen to kick-start their future and dive into the universe of retail during their summer vacations.
YOU HAVE TO BE ahead of the curve AND have:
Solid academic background
Enrolment in a relevant Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree from a renowned university, in any field of expertise ranging from Business, Science, Technology, Engineering to Arts and Humanities. The ability to demonstrate a solid academic track-record is a must.
Enterprising attitude
Dynamism, curiosity and ability to swiftly learn every single day, by participating in challenging projects. Eagerness to always reach for more, resilience and a passion for achievement is a must; we seek for people that are active while studying.
Command of English
Being an international Group, we expect our candidates to be able to use English at an advanced level (min. B2 European scale). Some phases of the recruitment process are conducted entirely in English.
Our full-time programme is available to students who are able to join us at least for the whole months of July and August in Poland and Portugal. Colombian students have a different framework (“Prácticas”) and have to check out their university-specific conditions to apply.
Applications and Selection Process

The selection process to our SIP is a 3-stage selection process.
It’s going to be a leaning trek, but we’ll be here to lead you all the way through.

In Poland and Portugal, applications start in March 2018 and close in April 2018. In Colombia, applications are open in April and October 2018. The Programme starts in July in Portugal and Poland, and in January and July in Colombia. These are the stages you’ll have to get successfully through to be chosen to enrol SIP.

Online application
All candidates are expected to submit their applications online, providing qualitative information about their educational background, work experiences and other relevant data, as well as answering some additional questions.
Online Assessment
All applications are screened against the defined candidate profile and selected candidates are invited to participate in an online analytical ability assessment – focused in numerical, verbal and logical reasoning – as well as an English test.
Individual Challenge & Interview
Finally, selected candidates are invited to an interview in which their fit – technical and behavioural – for a specific area will be assessed. At the same time, candidates are asked to participate in a final individual challenge.
Final consideration:
We have a deep respect for your time. We value the meaning of trust. We’ll reply to all candidates but please keep in mind that we deal with thousands of applications. Sometimes our resources are not as vast as our commitment. Feel free to email us if you feel your application feedback is taking too long.
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