1 Year. 3 Geographies. Portugal. Poland. Colombia. Between 15 and 20 bright trainees from each country.

problem solvers

make things happen

unconventional thinkers

reimagine daily operations

visionary business builders



engage people



problem solvers make things happen

unconventional thinkers reimagine daily operations

visionary business builders create original opportunities

genuine leaders engage people

food lovers gather others around the table

choose your path

bring your game

become a Champion of Retail

When was the last time you went to a supermarket? Did you notice that your shopping experience was extensively planned?
From the store layout to the items you see for sale, from the service you receive to the experience you get until you pay and leave the store, everything is thoroughly thought of.
Besides what you see in the store, what you don’t see is the amazing universe of complex processes being conducted in the background. It includes a broad spectrum of activities, from people management to the supply chain, store layout, cash operations, physical inventory, sales and promotions, customer management, supplier relationships, logistics and information technology, among others.
This wide range of complex processes is what we call Retail Operations.

Retail is, for sure, one of the fastest paced business places you can imagine.
Operations are, for sure, the Ultimate Challenge and the heart and soul of our business.

Do you share the spirit of enterprise?
Join us at the forefront of retail.

Know if you’re a match for our Young Talent Programmes.

The Operations Management Trainee

OMT is Jerónimo Martins Trainee Programme fully dedicated to everything related to Operations. Over the course of 1 year, it offers young graduates the possibility of an accelerated career development allowing them to become champions of retail.

Whether dealing with ambitious negotiations or enhancing performance on world-leading retail concepts, this programme will put you on a class of your own.

The shop-floor is an intense and complex system where, every day, millions of operations happen and thousands of people cross by. Hundreds of tons of groceries, perishables and other merchandise go in and out in an expeditious rhythm. It’s a peculiar place and the atmosphere may be frantic at times, but it is always enthusiastic.

It’s a massive scale cooperation and the challenge is quite admiring. It takes a lot of courage and business expertise to synchronize hundreds of colleagues with thousands of customers that recognize our will to serve and passion about food.

OMT is just like NY!
If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere!

Dive in and get to know all our Young Talent Programmes.

programme overview

OMT has been designed to ensure the balance between the comprehension of key business concepts and the development of practical skills through hands-on experience. Throughout your 1 year experience in all things operations, your progression is going to be fully accompanied by the OMT development team and by key mentors and colleagues. We plan for the long haul!




Welcome & Store Training

OM Trainees are welcomed in their home country (e.g. Trainees from Colombia spend their first week of the programme in Colombia) by local HR teams and are introduced to the basic principles of our stores and our passion for food and service signature DNA.



Corporate & Retail Training

All Trainees are together during five weeks in the Group’s headquarters in Lisbon. This immersive experience involves workshops, meetings, training sessions and action learning activities, focused on deepening knowledge about our people, ethics, behaviours, as well as our business strategy and prospects. It’s a great adventure of work, fun and the beginning of long-lasting relations.



The Polish Operation

One week dedicated to getting in touch with the Stores, Logistics and support areas of the Group’s largest company, Biedronka, and our main Specialised Retail format, Hebe.



General Business Training

As a group, OM Trainees proceed with their training with an emphasis on our Operational Companies as well as technical training that will prepare them for the Individual Function Training challenges.



Individual Functional Training in Store Operations

Considering the long-term development goals defined for each OM Trainee, they are assigned to different Stores with a specific training plan that will culminate in the landing position. During this period, OM Trainees are also assigned a business challenge.

Upon conclusion of the Programme, OM Trainees are assigned to their first positions in Retail Operations or Logistics, for at least 2 years.


OMT is a trainee-driven programme specifically designed to help young talents become champions of retail and assume leadership roles in the business’ core activity. Due to the programme’s nature, it will allow OM Trainees to become full-stack and versatile team leaders with vast and profound knowledge on all things Operations.

OMT is one of the best ways to track your way up within Jerónimo Martins because you’ll have an amazing edge which is the extensive comprehension in operations, logistics, supply chain, how to run a store or lead people.

By the end of OMT, you’ll champion:

Leadership and people engagement

Logistics planning

Supply chain and supplier relationships

Sales and promotions

Store layout and shopping atmosphere

Cash operations and physical inventory

Consumer behaviour

Information and system infrastructure technology

Upon conclusion of OMT (12 months), trainees formally enter their first positions with real responsibility for results. They are now champions of retail with landing positions and it’s expected that they remain in Operations for at least 2 years.

The possibilities are endless and we’ll support any career plans that play to your strengths and make business sense.

For instance, you might be ready to be a 3,5M€ revenue store deputy manager or an 80M€ store area manager. Your job will include managing people and resources to achieve operational excellence. You might coordinate the activities and endeavours of different departments to ensure their efforts are cohesive, agile and smart. You may be responsible for overseeing work schedules, establishing budgets, managing projects, monitoring and maximizing investments or allocating funds.

Does it feel like a Super Programme?
We think Operations Rock!
Do you?

Continuous Development

Besides the opportunity to work with spirited people in massive retail operations, at the epicentre of our Young Talent Programmes lies a vast combination of learning and development systems designed to facilitate each trainee’s development and technical growth. Deep learning is something that we foster and both programmes benefit from.

Remember that our founder was a young man with a will to learn and grow.
You can make it happen here and that’s why your development is so important to us.
Your move.

Imagine you are Simão, Diana OR Tomasz

Getting in the OMT is a tough challenge. Either applying in Portugal, Poland or Colombia, you’ll have to face seriously motivated candidates. Each geography receives thousands applications from super talented graduate students from all fields of study. Out of this pool, and over the course of a 5-stage selection process, 60 to 70 grads like Simão, Diana and Tomasz will be chosen to kick-start their future and dive into the universe of Operations.

How to know if you have what it takes to become a Champion of Retail?

Check out what SIMÃO, DIANA and tomasz have to say.


«This Programme is a great career opportunity for people who, like me, come from Sciences fields of study but want to take part in the Retail business as Managers. The Company is interested in candidates with exceptional human qualities conjugated with solid academic and technical backgrounds.»


«I strongly recommend Graduates to embrace the demanding challenge that is to be a Trainee at Jerónimo Martins as it is an extremely fulfilling, exciting and rewarding experience. If you have good communication skills and you are tolerant, determined and humble you would probably stand out as a good candidate.»


«Starting your career as a Trainee is great because you get to know Jerónimo Martins and its Companies altogether and in depth. It allows you to make better business decisions in the future and effectively improve your career prospects within the Group.»

Besides being ahead of the curve, they all have:

Solid academic background

A relevant Master’s Degree (Pregrado in Colombia) from a renowned university, in any field of expertise ranging from Business, Science, Technology, Engineering to Arts and Humanities. The ability to demonstrate a solid academic track-record is a must.

Enterprising attitude

We seek people that were active while studying, through internship programmes, voluntary work or engagement in various organisations. The candidates must not have more than 2 years of professional experience following their graduation.

Command of English B2 (European scale)

Being an international Group, we expect our candidates to be able to use English at an advanced level. The minimum requirement is B2 (European scale). Several phases of the recruitment process are conducted in English.

Mobility countrywide and among countries

Considering the geographically dispersed structure of our business, the candidates are expected to be mobile countrywide and among countries to meet their development challenges during the programme as well as upon its completion.

Availability to enrol in a 1-year programme

Our full-time programme is available to graduates with a Master’s Degree (Pregrado in Colombia) completed or nearing completion. Candidates must be available to enrol in a 1-year programme.

International experience as a plus

We value intercultural competence through an international student exchange (e.g. Erasmus) or work-and-travel experience outside their home country.

Can-do Drive

Dynamism, curiosity and ability to swiftly learn every single day, by participating in challenging projects, to make tough choices and to take responsible decisions. Eagerness to always reach for more, resilience and a passion for achievement.


Best-in-class candidates think of their careers in the long term, understanding that flexibility is one of the forces driving today’s working environment and are, therefore, able to work across different functions, with different people and locations.

Applications and Selection Process

The selection process to OMT is a 5-stage selection process.
It’s going to be a leaning trek, but we’ll be here to lead you all the way through.

Applications start in January 2018 and close in March 2018. These are the stages you’ll have to get successfully through to be chosen to enrol in OMT.


Online application

All candidates are expected to submit their applications online providing qualitative information about their educational background, work experiences and other relevant data, as well as answering some additional questions.


Online Assessment

All applications are screened against the defined candidate profile and selected candidates are invited to participate in an online analytical ability assessment – focused in numerical, verbal and logical reasoning – as well as an English test.


Group Challenge

The selected candidates are invited to a business challenge, and they have the first contact with the reality of Jerónimo Martins. They also have the opportunity of meeting selected business managers.


Assessment Centre

Selected candidates are asked to participate in an assessment session where they go through a series of exercises, both individual and in a group.


Final Panel

The best candidates are invited to meetings with a Selecting Committee, comprised by top executives from Jerónimo Martins, and are assessed through self-presentations, group exercises and individual interviews.

Job offer

Following the panel, the selected candidates are offered a place in our OMT, which starts in September 2018.

Final consideration:

We have a deep respect for your time. We value the meaning of trust. We’ll reply to all candidates, but keep in mind that the selection process is ongoing until May 2018. We deal with +12.000 applications. Sometimes our resources are not as vast as our commitment. Feel free to email us if you feel your application feedback is taking too long.

Deep dive into our universe and get a glimpse of who we are.