Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between OMT and IMT programmes?

Both programmes are suited for best-in-class graduates from leading Universities.
OMT has a sharp focus in all things Operations and it’s an amazing path to get in touch with the Group’s core business and work your way up. IMT is designed for graduates who want to pursue a specialist career path with an international outlook.

When will the next editions of OMT, IMT and SIP start?

The IMT starts in July. The OMT starts in September. The SIP kicks off in July in Portugal and Poland, and in Colombia the programme has two annual onboarding periods: January and July.

Can I stay in the company once the programmes ends?

Yes. That is the objective of OMT and IMT. All participants of both programmes are meant to stay and develop themselves professionally on Jerónimo Martins Group, in the long term. OMT lasts 1 year and IMT 2 years but Trainees have landing positions and specific development plans during their first three years at the company. Although retention is not the primary objective of SIP we do keep interns when we have the chance to.

Do Interns and Trainees receive a salary during the programme?
Absolutely. From the very first day at the company both interns and trainees receive a very competitive salary.
In which locations are the programmes running?

All programmes (OMT, IMT and SIP) happen in Portugal, Poland and Colombia. In Colombia SIP is what locals might know as ‘Prácticas’.

I am finishing my Masters, but I don't have my diploma yet. Am I eligible for OMT and IMT?
Our selection process is expected to end by May, 2018. Many of our former Management Trainees applied to the programme while still studying. The formal eligibility requirement all candidates must meet is to have full-time availability as of July, meaning that Management Trainees can only have their Master’s Thesis to complete, for instance.
I want to pursue a career in a specific area. Could you tell me if OMT and IMT include placements and experiences in the functional area I am interested in?

This is a really important question. Even though OM Trainees focus is all things Operations and IM Trainees focus is international management, many of our former Management Trainees have built their career paths in multiple areas.

We value people that, upon joining our programmes, already have a clear vision of their career. However, what we witness on many occasions is that these preferences change as people develop a passion for operations, logistics, commercial, HR, finance, private label development, marketing, IT or other functional areas, sometimes entirely changing their initial focus.

We are also very committed to the idea of enabling our Management Trainees to “run the business” as early as possible.
That is why many people who aim at senior roles in a certain area, still decide to start their career in an area that is considered our core-business, and build on that experience later in their professional development.

We encourage our candidates to look at their educational background as something meant to open their horizons and not limit them. The uniqueness of both programmes is that it enables people to become managers and leaders and, above all, to learn and explore new things.

We have engineers working in marketing, and people with business degrees working in highly technical areas, usually associated with engineering degrees. Finally, we have many people with backgrounds in arts and humanities in diverse functions across our different businesses. This means that if your professional goal is to strictly follow your educational background, probably our programmes are not the best choice for you.

I am currently abroad. How can I participate in the selection process?
The early phases of the selection process are all online. The first phase to demand physical presence is the Group Challenge, as do the following two stages. Many of our current and recent Management Trainees travelled from abroad for the advanced phases of the selection process. At the end of the day, it all comes to candidates’ motivation to join Jerónimo Martins at the head of retail.
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